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Not Joel

Hey Marshall, good game. You're still fat. I miss you.

Great concept; has potential, needs work

The idea is definitely great, but it could use some optimization of UI and mechanics. First off, change the controls. It would be best to make a D-Pad on the left, and have the vortex button on the right. Another problem is that if you're holding a direction button, you can't slide to go in the other direction; you have to lift you finger and click the other button. Also, remove that "show help" thing on the top so people don't accidentally click it so much. You should probably just add a "tutorial" button in the main menu. Another problem is those stages where you have a small wall, and then a larger wall after it. The standard thing to do would be to just shoot over the wall, but what I usually do is jump on the shorter wall, then jump over the taller one, because shooting is annoying. However, it's really hard to balance on top of the wall.



So Addicting!!!

Can't put this game down! Very challenging but tons of fun!!!


One of the best new apps I've seen in a long time! Super addictive and fun!

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